Swedish Bioinformatics Workshop 2021

20-21 October 2021

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About SBW 2021

The Swedish Bioinformatics Workshop, or SBW for short, is an annual event that has been organized by different universities in Sweden since 2000. This year it will take place in Lund (hopefully in person at MatteAnnexet) since it is being arranged by Lund University. The target group is traditionally PhD students and postdocs working with any kind of bioinformatics and computational biology. This workshop aims to bring together talented students and young researchers across faculties and universities from throughout the country. If you would like to attend SBW2021, now is the time to register. And if you have any questions, just contact us!

Keynote Speakers

We are honored to have the following people speak at SBW2021:

Molly Hammell

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Fabian Theis

Helmholtz Zentrum München

Mikkel Schierup

Aarhus University

Oliver Stegle

German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ); European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL)

Invited Speakers

Click on the images to see more information:

Aaron Scott

Lund University

Alexander Suh

Uppsala University

Carina Farah Mugal

Uppsala University

Charlie Cornwallis

Lund University

Kristiina Ausmees

Uppsala University

Lokeshwaran Manoharan


Paul Franks

Lund University

Phil Ewels

National Genomics Infrastructure, Science for Life Laboratory

Sonja Aits

Associate Senior Lecturer

Sophia Zackrisson

Lund University

The Organizing Committee

Our team consists of a mix of bioinformaticians, PhD students, and researchers of various disciplines

Karin Engström

Bioinformatics coordinator at Faculty of Medicine, Docent, PI, Researcher

Nikolay Oskolkov

Bioinformatics expert, NBIS and ScilifeLab

Lokeshwaran Manoharan

Bioinformatics expert, NBIS

Deborah Oliveira

PhD student

Hani N. Alsafadi

PhD student

Suze Roostee

PhD student

Kajsa Brolin

PhD student

Nelida Leiva Eriksson

Biotechnology scientist at KILU

Louella Vasquez


Homa Papoli Yazdi




Contact Us

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